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Eclipse Internet

About Eclipse

Not all Broadband Providers are the same!  A recommended broadband provider by consumer body Which? - Eclipse are one of the few who publish reliability rates on their products. Offering 99.9% uptime on broadband products, Eclipse consistently record lower fault levels than the industry average.

Not only that, in October they were ranked the 2nd fastest broadband provider for download speeds. (Source – UK Comparison Site –

When Eclipse joined the KCOM Group, they gained access to the UK's largest network - giving them ‘enterprise level’ technology which they can pass on to their customers.



Some personal comments from this web-site owner; your Editor ...

I have used Eclipse Internet for over 5 years - and I still do.  I became their customer when they were my ‘local’ Internet Service Provider; when I lived in Dorset, and they were in Exeter.

In my experience; they are an outstanding business.  Reliable and efficient in all respects;

and with a customer / supplier interface and communications system beyond reproach.

They have demonstrated superb service and reliability = and they’ve never missed a beat !!