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Just as a diversion, and a taste of what may come ; take a look at the link below …

The Pivotal Engine, in the diagram, exists; designed and built in New Zealand, but

 not yet available on the market.

In the meantime ...

while we wait for this marvellous, potentially HYDROGEN ONLY, engine to arrive -

we can use conventional engines, petrol or diesel, instead!

The HOD cells do exist ... and they are on the market all over the world

 - as well as here in the UK.

Your intrepid owner of 70plus-feeling50 has been driving Volvo V70 Estates - and, now, a Vauxhal/OPEL Signum, equipped with a pair of these Hydrogen Cells for the past 4 years.  

These Volvos, like any other car/van/truck/motorbike fitted with such Hydrogen cells

-  and driven sensibly -

have both achieved a 97%+ clean exhaust stream - and up to 50%+ improvement

in fuel consumption, subject to travel conditions and journey type.

Click on this link for a detailed explanation of

Hydrogen on Demand