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Shopping with us will be fun and very simple; a single click will usually take where you need to go.

For example, clicking here will take you - immediately - to the Reception Area of the Shopping Mall.

Our Shopping Mall in the Sky will eventually contain many levels:

 Each level, has a steadily rising variety of stores and shops offering items for the indicated product types.

We will also provide space for professional blogs, commentaries, product reviews and forums;  as well as news items & announcements about national and regional exhibitions or events which are relevant to the appropriate shopping topic.

Permission will be sought to re-publish important items from leading industry sources;

bringing topical news of deals and announcements from our merchants.

As of now, we intend to keep each floor on the Mall on one web-page.


A FREE offer to smaller, regional or local shops and stores

We recognise the impact this site could have on local shopping in regional localities; by offering all shoppers access to major store opportunities - so, we intend to create a Marketplace for Small Shops and Village Stores.

This will provide an opportunity for ANY shop owner in a regional locality to display their current products and ‘special’ items for sale; in text and pictures.

We invite applications - by email - from shop owners, anywhere. If an application is considered suitable, by our panel, we’ll provide a ‘locality bulletin board’ where accepted applicants will be given a page on this site,

displaying their offers; which we will design..

Naturally, all offers shown must be subject to stock availability at time of purchase !

Buyers should print out the store’s personalised ‘locality’ page on this site,

showing the web-site name and current date,

and present it at a participating shop/store; to enjoy the seller’s offers !

This will be a free of charge service to small shops and their owners.