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Significant journeys ...

Currently, at the end of August  2014, on mixed motorway and country roads journeys of over 200 miles

   my Vauxhall / OPEL Signum achieves an average speed of over 55 mph and

 more than 37 miles per gallon.

This compares to the official Vauxhall / OPEL performance prediction, of 24/26 miles per gallon.

The car has passed a lifetime 65,000 miles at this time.

Most of the journey was made at motorway speeds, between 70/75 mph. Cruising, on level running, occasionally delivered over 100 miles per gallon - by maintaining a VERY LIGHT TOUCH on the accelerator.

Instrumentation on the vehicle, continuously monitors :-

Average fuel consumption (miles/litre)

Instantaneous Fuel consumption (miles/litre)

Speed (MPH)

    STOP PRESS !       5th November 2014: Latest MOT results … CO  0.01% vol., HC 6 ppm vol.

Here’s some information from a well known academic contributor.

The matter of ‘extra’ energy in Brown’s Gas; how and from where it derives is discussed:

I hope that readers will find the on-going revelations about Brown’s Gas revealing …


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