The Works

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The Works

The Works is a discount book store; also offering discount art materials, toys, games and audio visual products. The Works has 300 stores across the UK offering books, arts & crafts, and much more - all at great discount prices.  Established in 1981 as a discount book store, The Works now has a huge range of exciting products.

As well as books, they offer arts & crafts, toys, gifts and stationery, and sell over one million products

every week to consumers looking for a bargain.

The Diamond Queen - Elizabeth and Her People by Andrew Marr

Publisher: Macmillan  


RRP £25.00

The Works price only £7.99

The Beatles Box of Vision Special Edition Time Capsule

Publisher: Box of Vision  


RRP £129.95

The Works price

only £49.99

Robert Ludlum 5 Books Set Pack

Author: Robert Ludlum  

Publisher: Orion Books  

Box Set

RRP £37.95

The Works price only £6.99

Canvas Bundle

 - 12 Boldmere Stretched Canvas

32 x 40in

RRP £119.88

The Works price only £99.00