H2O Cells for all Vehicles

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Before we get down to business; let's discuss water.

You know - that stuff you swim or paddle in by the sea, or take a bath in. Or a refreshing drink on a warm summer's day, maybe a stunning waterfall, a puddle in a road or a dripping tap.

There are other ways to look at it ...

Over 70% of our planet's surface is covered by water; up to several miles deep. Of course, we all know that rain is water, so is fog and mist. But how many of us see a litre of water in a flask ... and think of it simply as a flask full of FUEL?

Er ... pardon ... FUEL?     Precisely ... that flask of water contains two of the most flammable fuels known to man !

If you separate plain water, using electricity (rain water; for the sake of this discussion) into its only 2 constituents; and keep them separated, just like school-children have been learning to do since we were children - you will produce Hydrogen and Oxygen as the result.

Every single litre of water contains exactly 111.19% Hydrogen and 888.81% Oxygen, by weight.

Put another way ... that’s more than 1850 litres of Hydrogen and Oxygen - in every litre of water - combined, by nature, at atmospheric pressure.

Scientists have known, for some time, that by passing electricity through water - and providing for the two released gases ... hydrogen and oxygen ... immediately to re-combine - the process produces not just hydrogen and oxygen but also some ‘trace gases’ in a more complex gas mixture.

This mixture of gases has become known as 'Brown's Gas' after its discover; Professor Yull Brown.  

Brown's Gas has many fascinating uses, and we will come back to it  - and HoD Cells produce Brown's Gas. You might well ask ... if all this flammable gas is available in water; why, since the late 18th century, have motor engineers chosen to use OIL to power their vehicles?

Simply put; because the turn of the 20th century was about the time that - the emerging oil industry - discovered 'lots of the black stuff' simply oozing out of the ground. It was their ground so they claimed it as their own ! ... and the OIL INDUSTRY was born.

Suffice to say, here, as we begin our story ... Hydrogen on Demand (or HHO, H2O, HHO, HoD) Cells ... our own  Hydrogen-on-Demand Cells ... will work on any vehicle which uses a petrol, gasoline or a diesel engine - in fact any hydrocarbon fueled vehicle.

Large or small ... 2, 3, 4 or 18 wheels ... pretty well all ‘hydro-carbon fueled’ vehicles are suitable; and their fuel performance and exhaust emissions can always be improved !

To be precise ... all installed HoD Cells produce a gaseous fuel additive ... Brown’s Gas ... and this improves the range and performance of the regular hydro-carbon fuel in the vehicle ... and, at the same time … the vehicle produces a ‘near pollution-free’ exhaust stream


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On water ... as a vehicle fuel

 H2O Cells for all vehicles

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