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Terms and Conditions

1.      There are no complex or difficult Terms or Conditions for your use of this web site.

2.       We will always give you, our readers, the utmost courtesy; and we trust that you will treat

          us in the same way.  

3.      A key purpose for our website is to serve you with a set of ‘links’ to stores and shops
         where you can buy goods and services.

When you click on any link; a ‘marker’, called a ‘cookie’, is placed in your computer for

a period of time - between a few days and several weeks - by the store you have visited.

This ‘cookie’ makes it easy for the store to recognise you when/if you choose to

 return to shop there - and it tells the store that you came to them from this site.

4.     This site is paid a small commission, by the store, for having pointed you to them in

the first place - in recognition of our marketing assistance - and when you shop there.

5.     We would like you to visit us often and to stay on the site, enjoying your stay with us.

To that end, there are numerous other links on the site - to places of interest, and to facilities which might help you in your daily interests.

We hope you will ask us to help, if there Is any way we can.


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