Technology - delivered to your Home

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Technology - delivered to your Home


We will advertise a carefully selected, range of ,,,

 Smartphones, Tablets, Electronic Cameras and accessories.

These will be available by

Fast Turn-Around and

Drop-Shipping, from

carefully selected,

international sources.


Customers will choose

products from our fully illustrated offer listings  -  

Selecti their products and

send us an order email.

    This should include a PayPal payment to ourselves;

and will receive confirmation

by e-mail.

When we have verified receipt

of payment; your order will be placed on our supplier; and you

will be advised shipping



You, and we, will be able to monitor order Shipping Progress, at all times up to delivery to your Home or your

chosen place of delivery.

You, the Buyer, will be advised, and solely responsible; for any/all Customs Duty / Taxes payable - and such payments must be made when advised -

by and to - the Shipper.


We are currently selecting our Partners and Products; and negotiating the best choices

and prices for you -

Our Buyers..

Buyers will link from here

to our

Product Selection pages.

Buyers will link from here

 to our

Email and PayPal pages



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